South Pacific Travels 2008

We departed Los Angeles on April 5th bound for Papeete, Tahiti. Our itinerary included a six day side trip to Bora Bora, back to Tahiti for a flight to Melbourne, Australia. There, we joined an organized tour through Australia and New Zealand for the next 21 days. The tour ended in Christchurch, New Zealand on May 2nd but we remained there until the 5th and returned to Auckland for a couple more days. Then we flew to Rarotonga, Cook Islands for four days. This flight departed Auckland at 9:45p.m. on May 7th and arrived that same morning at 2:30a.m. on May 7th....  we crossed the International Date Line. 

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       April    5,  Tahiti    
       April  12,  Australia
April  24,  New  Zealand (North Island)
       April  27, 
New  Zealand (South Island)
       May    7,  Rarotonga, Cook Islands


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